Do I have to reserve rooms in the hotel where the Convention is taking place?

No, you can stay in any hotel. If you live nearby or have friends or relatives you prefer to stay with instead, it’s entirely up to you. Staying at the hotel is optional.

Is there a block of rooms set aside at a discounted rate?

The deadline to register at the discounted rate expired on May 24th.

What is the deadline for ad submission?

Please have all ad submissions in to us by end of business on June 6th. Email your digital ad to cd3kfdw@gmail.com.

What if I can only come to the banquet or the luncheon and not attend the entire convention?

We have several options to choose from. You can buy a ticket for the entire convention with access to all the great workshops and speakers or just the part you’re able to attend.

What can I attend as a non-member?

First, we’d like to welcome you and are happy you’re joining us! As a nonmember, you may attend the Friday evening Happy Hour, the workshops, luncheon and banquet. The Executive Board Meeting and the Saturday KFDW General Meeting are for members only.

To join your local KFDW organization, go HERE.

May I purchase a convention registration at the door?

You may! However, we will not be able to provide any meals at the luncheon or banquet for registration at the door. The price is still $120 at the door for full convention registration.